The Greater Kallisti Mode

Apologies to Don Redips for taking so long about this

If you haven't read my First Exploration of the Erisian Modes go check it out now. There is some important stuff about intervals there, and you can get an idea of what I am talking about.

So the TL;DR version is: you can make scales out of the position of black keys on keyboards.

So now I'm talking about The Mode of Kallisti. Short video explanation here.

Okay, So figuring out what notes are in the mode of Kallisti is fairly easy. Take your root note (say, C) and the notes on either side of it (B, C#/Db) and the Tritone (6 steps away, it's opposite, #F) are not in the scale. Everything else is.

Or visually in a nice tone wheel:


Both of my Epic Ambient Battle tracks use the Greater Kallisti Mode.

The First Salvo of the Lords of Entropy

Greater Kallisti In A

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