Binding of Isaac Tarot

This is a bit of a "what if"... what if there was a Tarot deck based on the Binding of Isaac? I don't currently have plans on producing a full 78 card deck.

Top left is the Fool, top right is the back of the cards, bottom left is (clockwise) Ace of Keys (wands), 2 of hearts (cups), 5 of coins (pentacles), 3 of bombs (swords).

This was done with Copic markers on bristol paper. The Backgrounds were done with the Copic ABS (Air Brush System).

You would inherently know whether or not a card was "reversed" by weather or not smiling Isaac, or frowning Isaac is face up on the backside of the card. Reversed cards traditionally have a "negative" meaning. Basically you would know the "fate" of the card before seeing it, which fits an Isaac tarot nicely.