All Souls Day

This is not a DJ mix. This was done in Ableton Live.

This is some of my favorite Atmospheric DnB. This is the chilliest of the chill. The kind of DnB that is supposed to calm your heart down and make you relax. It's All Souls Day, the day after All Hallows eve, when for millennia as a species we have said "Hey, it's winter time, it is the time of death, winter and stagnation. The time of hibernation and reflection."

This is some of my favorite Drum and Bass that has come out. ( Which explains the amount of Thesis on it. :P )

This mix was done in Ableton live. I've done a bit of additional remixing on a lot of the songs, expanded some song lengths, and cut out tiny chunks of each song to play later, etc.

  • T-Power - Prospects for Democracy I and II
  • Okee - Facing Worlds (Original Mix)
  • Parhelia - Interluner Landscapes
  • Deeper Connection - Hold Me Down (Stunna Remix)
  • Seathasky & Nelver - Contact
  • Thesis, Okee - Galactic Odyssey (Original Mix)
  • Thesis - Eclipse (Original Mix)
  • Thesis - Crystal Visions
  • Thesis - Life Path 9
  • Shrust - Cocoon
  • Thesis - Golden Age
  • Thesis - Event Horizon
  • T-Power - The Inti Raymi Remix