Sunset Acid

An Ableton Studio mix. 53 minutes of Acid Techno to get The Resistance in a fighting mood for Helios.

Basically I was running a small cell of agents who were responsible for keeping control of the inner city during an Ingress tournament. Tracks chosen for their "lyrical" context, and just how effing banging they were.

(we won)


  • Chemical Brothers - Get up on it Like This
  • Kektex - Inner City Junkies
  • Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss - Scum Like Us Like Acid
  • A.P. - Lost inside the acid
  • Dynamo City & Steve Mills - One Bassline (Original Mix)
  • Van Basten - King of the Death Posture
  • Tik Tok - Tribal Chemistry (Original Mix)
  • Lochi - London acid city ( 2006 remix )
  • Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss - Level zero
  • Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss - We're on the outside
  • Jonnay - Lemons