Everlasting Everchanging

2 Years ago, I created a CD of tunes that had spoken to me about the nature of my relationship with my wife, and gave it to her as part of a 10th anniversary gift. That year—from even before the end of year nine, to the culmination of our second wedding on the playa—was a year of intense growth, learning and changing for both of us. But the dirty secret is, that it—both the time of growth and the mixed CD—was not finished. If I had the same set of tools, time and techniques that I have now, this is what that mix should have been.

This is not a DJ mix. I am not a DJ. No vinyl, CDJs or Tracktor was used in it’s creation. I have too much respect for those guys to call this a proper mix or a DJ set—no matter how much good natured “cream in your coffee" ranting I may throw out.

What this is, is a mix done up in Ableton Live. It's my first attempt at blurring the line between the production of a mashup, and a full mix.

I hope you enjoy it.

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