I Believe - Kawehi (Jonnays Computer Controlled Mix)

My entry into the "ANTHEM" Remix Competition! by Kawehi.

My lovely wife Shell found this track and shared it to me, and we were both taken (original here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykIwtNyASVM . Go watch, I'll wait.) It came at a very interesting time in our lives, where there was plenty of talk of robotics and artificial intelligence in our household and amongst our friends.

Though the song practically begs for a Liquid Drum and Bass treatment, when I heard about the remix competition, I just knew it had to be acid techno.

BTW, "Computer controlled" is the tagline of the Roland TB-303, an essential piece of gear for any Acid Techno. I couldn't resist the pun.

Most of the sounds are from the stems, with exception to the TR-909 (drum machine) and TB-303s (x0xb0xes actually, the squealy synth thingy).

Finally, as usual Shell helped with some serious critiques of this track and it only helped to make it better. So this track is dedicated back to you baby. You and me, versus the world. Or the robot overlords or whatever.