Investigate Liberate


It's no mistake that in every society and every tribal structure there are laws governing sexuality.

To us that suggests that sexuality has in itself some power and energy.

These societies and controls have a vested interest in suppressing it.

Freedom is taken away when there is a threat,

Therefore there is a threat to control from sexuality,

Therefore it ought to be investigated, and liberated.


Original quote is by Genesis P. Orridge from an Interview of Psychick TV from hID: v=jjssKDFlBZM#t=138

Sexuality is one of those things that can (but doesn't have to) bring people close together. It is a way for us as humans to break out of our prisons-of-one and connect with another individual. At the same time it is also not only very animalistic, but a stark reminder that we are animals.

Sexuality is also tightly controlled, either through taboo, or the endless arguments of the "appropriate" way to express sexuality and even gender.

Funny that such an integral part of the human experience is "awkward".

So yea. All that.