First Salvo of the Lords of Entropy

This is the outcome of an "Epic Ambient Battle" with a friend of mine.

Image is from Wikipedia

Samples are from Terre Thaemlitz during a talk at RBMA. The first one is: "This Trombone was fucked up"

The second one is rather lengthy, I have transcribed it (with some additional context) here:

The way the individuality functions, it functions within a relation to a very specific western historical narrative that of course led into the whole humanist approach. It's also very tied into our economic relationships under capitalism, even how capitalism is feeding into third world nations, it's like the promised way to get out, everyone has access to a potential success

And I think that in creative media as well, even the world creative I just fucking hate it. It's really problematic I think because, first of all the history of creativity under patriarchy is uterine envy of males to give birth, but also I think all of these fictions about the fact that within the social environment that relies on connectivity that the language we use to say that we all exists together is about individuality, but there is some kind of gap going on. I think that the gap of being an individual within a society is something that clouds relationships and ultimately feeds into our developing these lives that are very much about the nuclear family. Having your own little life that is about your own house, your own cars, your own property, your own children--that is also about a properly relationship, passing on property, etc.--and that all of these things are tied into this notion of creativity and individuality and all this stuff.

I think most people want to think of it as a way of getting away from all that stuff. Being an individual is to not be a robot. To be totally different. Usually when people pursue these things they become more robotlike, because there is a very strict pattern for becoming an individual. WE know the signifiers, we know the clothing, the music taste, if they are using a Mac or a PC, if you hvae an iPhone or not. Of course these are very established things we project our identity through.