The Lords of Entropy and the 8 Elements of Collaboration

This is the final offering in an "Epic Ambient Battle" that I did with "Local Luminary" of "Lonesome Cosmonaught Recordings". As far as projects went, this was the most satisfying and successful. The "Lords of Entropy" is a side-project where I get to make weird and floofy IDM.

This third battle was performed "Iron Chef" style. The "secret ingredient" was chosen by a mutual friend, and the rules allowed for the use of any synthesizers, but samples had to come from a "well stocked kitchen", which turned out to be

This was the secret ingredient:

This may not have been the first laundry machine to end up in some of my music.

So, in listening to the song you may be wondering where exactly I incorporated this sound?

If you had happened to have watched the video for that week, then you too were invited to browse the freesound samples, and suggest a few.

Karen—one of the Zealots—submitted these sounds

My lovely wife shell, submitted these