The Lords of Entropy Perform Ambient Dub in the Key of Kallisti

This is an Ambient Dub track in the Key of Ab Kallisti. (For more info on the Kallisti Mode, see my video rant about "The Prettiest One" here: )

The Quote is from Alan Watts:

And he may take a vow not to speak for a month, or a year! And after about a month, you don't only stop talking, but you stop thinking in words!

And that's a very curious experience when that happens, because all the senses take on a tremendous intensity. You see things you've never seen before, because you stop codifying and classifying the world by thinking. Sunsets appear incredibly more vivid, flowers are more enchanting, the whole world is coming alive.

Some sounds are from Freesound:

Rain Ambience

The Picture is a picture of the temple (I think), and is from, also CC licensed.