The Epic Ambient Battle

What the hell is an Epic Ambient Battle?

Is it an:

  • Epic-Ambient Battle? Yes, long ambient tracks are featured.
  • Epic Ambient-Battle? Yes, the battles are harsh and long.
  • Epic-Ambient-Battle? Yes, they will sing songs at 25% speed of our deeds.

So what's the deal?

Get together a bunch of friends. Ideally you have a champion, a challenger (or two, or three), and a judge. The judge in a proper battle is only there to choose the secret ingredient.

Everyone wins in an Epic Ambient battle.

The Secret Ingredient and The Judge

This is a sample of some kind. Ideally you find your most creative, most intelligent, and most playfully trollish of friends to play the Judge and deliver the sample to all of the contestants when it's time.

There is no limit as to what it can be. Here are a few sample ingredients from our battles:

  • A video of A Washing machine getting Destroyed
  • A bad 80s Christmas track

The Timing

The standard practice is to have the battle commence over a weekend. The Judge reveals the secret ingredient before 5 PM on Friday, and all contestants must have their track finished by Monday morning. Though realistically Tuesday is also fine. By about Wednesday you've lost.

The Winner

The winner is always me.

Or put another way, the winner is whoever finished a track over the weekend.

Everyone's a winner baby, that's the truth.