Introduction - What this is

Intros are from totally awesome video bloggers that inspired me and are worth following:

See also:

Like I said, I hope to be half as good as these guys and gals.


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  • Good morning sports racers
  • Good morning Hank
  • So I was doodling in math class…?
  • No… wait…
  • Greetings! From the coolest basement in the north!

What is this about

Definately about

  • Music Production
  • Learning
  • Music and Emotion
  • Definately want to talk about this.

Probably about

  • Neuroscience
  • Society and Culture
  • The Occational killer game that is awesome
    • Among the sleep, you're next
  • Copyright. You know it's going to happen at least 10
    • probably 3


  • Hardware vs. Software
  • Which DAW is the best?


  • Educate
    • not just musicians, but anyone who has interest in the musical process, the creative process, or any process
  • Inspire
  • again not just musicians, but anyone with a drive to create, whehter they adorn themselves with a label or not


  • Ze Frank and vlog brothers.
  • ViHart


Good morning sports racer… Good morning Hank it's Tuesday… So I was doodling in math… class… <pause to think> I'm Jonnay!

I wanted to make my own video blog about music production but also about Learning, Neuroscience, Society and culture and even the occational game I find so completely awesome I can't stop playing it, much less talking about it.

And yes. I will probably talk–nay–rant about copyright. I promise I will get through at least 2 episodes without going into it. maybe.

So here we are.

This isn't some kind of musician mutual appreciation society. I want to give anyone with a drive to create a chance to learn and a chance to be inspired–whether they are writing banging Acid Techno, writing fanfic, or writing Arduino code to control a set of robotic bunny ears.

In short, I want a video blog like vihart or the Brothers Green.

I know. Good luck right?

So one of the reasons why I decided to do a video blog is that there are an outstanding amount of things that I need to learn about production. It's kind of embarassing really.

And you know the old saw: Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach. But the cool thing about teaching is that it also tends to be the best way to learn things as well.

So join me. Every Thursday. Learning stuff is cool.