Episode 15 - Postmodern Tomatoes


Wherein Jonnay tells a story about Little Doro The Postmodern Tomato, and a method to maintain the state of flow.

The Pomodoro Book: http://baomee.info/pdf/technique/1.pdf (Sadly not free as in speech, but Free as in beer at least.) Send me cool ambient noises from http://freesound.org! (this IS free as in speech too!)

  • Story of Doro the Postmodern Tomato


Act 1

  • This is Doro
  • Meets Aunty Presto, master of Time and Slice
    • trying to cross the dessert of temptation is impossible
    • but making it to the oasis of sisa-ofo is doable
  • The tick-chicks interrupt

Act 2

  • Thinking quickly Doro tells the tick-chicks to come back later
  • Aunty Presto already gone, carried away
  • Doro thinks back to what Aunty Presto said
  • constant purring of the contentration cats all around
  • Soothed him until he got to the oasis
  • Dasterly dash
    • I'm sorry Mrs. Dash, but I can't be interrupted!
  • And Doro the Pomo Tomato became whithered and sun dried
  • Just when things couldn't get worse, the Tick Chicks came flying back

Act 3

  • "We will lead you to safe keeping if you can tell us what you learnt" <draw past-doro here>
  • Small chunks, that are time boxed
  • A micro repeat of what you have learnt
  • Interruptions get shoved aside, captured, and reviewed after completion
  • and a micro review of what you have done
  • ringing across the land

The Story

(blah blah state of flow)

This is Doro the Tomato.

She has a hard time trying to stay focused on the things she needs to do. (twitter, fb, youtube)

She heard about Aunty Presto, the Mistress of Time and Slice, so she went to go visit her. (draw aunty)

"To Find the answer, you must cross the Dessert of Temptation, and ring the bell in the temple." (temple in thought baloon)

"Crossing the dessert is hard little one, but getting to the oasis of sisao-fo is easy!"

Just then the tick-chicks few by and interrupted. Doro was in trouble! Thinking quickly she told them to come back later. (a posture fee, a paws trophie)

But it was too late. The tick-chicks carried Aunty Presto away.

She sat there alone, but remembered "First you must get to the oasis!"

So she set off, all the while the concentration-cats of the dessert purred away soothing her.

Just before she got to the oasis, she looked at how far she had gone.

In the cool breeze of the oasis she re-energized for the next step of her journey, and off she went.

Until she was rudely interrupted by "Dastardly Dash" "I NEED YOU TO HELP ME WITH.." she started to yell

"I'm sorry Mrs. Dash, but I cannot be interrupted, talk to me in 25 minutes!" Doro replied

And Doro set off again.

And she walk and she walked and she walked, with the sun beating down on her.

And Doro the Pomo Tomato became withered and sun dried.

Just when things couldn't get worse, the Tick Chicks came flying back.

"We will fly you to safe-keeping if you can tell us what you learnt!" they cheeped

Doro thought for a second and said (Doro 2.0 shows up)

"Crossing the dessert is impossible, but getting to the oasis is easy" "when starting on a journey, take a second to think about where to go" "When I am interrupted, set it aside, leave a message, and review it later" "When I am close to finished my journey, review what I have done."

The Tick Chicks cheered, and they picked her up, and took her to the temple

And there was a ring across the land, and Doro became the Mistress of Time and Task

(blah blah free culture pomodoro technique)