Episode 3 Season 2 - The State of Flow

There is no way I pronounced his name right: Mihály Csíkszentmihályi

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do you suffer from lack of motivation? crippling self doubt? lethargy? listlessness? unfinished projects?

you should consider chixent

chixent provides

  • state of intense concentration
  • time gets all funky. slow down video
  • a merging of action and awareness. when painters become their brush
  • loss of reflective self consciousness including but not limited to that little voice in your head that all be like "you're a shit jonnay! "
  • a sense of agency over the activity
  • activity is intrinsically rewarding

side effects include

  • feeling like you have the potential to succeed
  • loss of appetite
  • tunnel vision
  • feeling so engrossed in am activity other needs become meaningless

chixent will help you overcome the challenges in attaining your ultimate goals, and give you a sense of satisfaction in and of itself.

ask your shaman or psychotherapist if chixent is right for you.

so we're talking about psychological state of flow.

identified by a guy with the coolest name ever: mihale chixsentmehai

it's the state when you are so deeply involved with a work that the world just falls away and it is just you and the paintbrush. no Wait. .. you ARE the Brush.

could be featured to the concept of action without acting or wu wei which those bloody moon pointers are on about.

wait. I have never explained what a moon pointeR is! DETOUR!


there is no derogatory term for a Zen Buddhist. so I made one up. it comes from the saying that teaching Zen is pointing at the moon. the words are the finger.

(suck finger) mmmm tastey!

anyway…maintaining the state of flow is like a flower, it needs good soil, lots of sunny energy, and water.

okay so the water is feedback. like the cycles of evaporation, rain , etc.

not just any feedback, it should be immediate. that's why unit testing, where programmers can test small chunks of choose quickly is powerful

soil is all about clear rules for attainment. a firm end goal for your work

why when moving a song having a reference song that sOunds like what you want is important. in this case it also performs an important feedback step.

why david a gtd is so awesome. potential to breakdown difficult tasks into ready achieve steps. .. basically flow mulch

finally there is the sunny energy of challenge. you have 2 factors here. your skill and challenge of task


remember: sunshower flow flowers see fun !