Episode 9 - Teach About It - Archetypal Pedagogy

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Lyn Collins - Think about it
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  • phew you know you're in for a ride when you have to unpack the title!
  • I'm jonnay, and it's time for Archetypal ped-a-goe-gey
  • peda-jo-gie pedajojy peda-gah-ji
    • is art, science and craft of being a teacher
  • One thing out of the way
  • Archetypes are not what you think.
  • quasi-universal-symbols
  • map is not the territory
  • 'hero' is an expression of the archetype, but not the archetype.
  • no mystical things here
  • Good news you can buy a book about it at sportinggoodsoutdoor.com reselling amazon goods and polluting search results since 2010


  • "Think about it" Lyn Collins, favorite break
  • K, got it? no? Good.
  • Icarus Archetype
  • soo ummm… yea…
  • i'm… ummm…. jonnay, at www.jonnay.net,
  • um big stereo approved dot com and umm
  • i'm gonna show you how to breakbeat with "Think about it"
  • so umm… let's just stare at Ableton for awhile
  • The teachers wax wings will MELT in the UNFORGIVING SUNLIGHT if the TEACHER LACKS HUMILITY.
  • Yea… that.
  • So there is the idea of the co-learner, you might remember from the intro
  • "Embarassing amount of stuff I don't know about music production."
  • co-learner is balanced between two archtypes
  • The Sage, who has conqured many challenges and has a deep understanding
  • The Novice, who is just starting their journey
  • BOORRRINNNGG. Lets talk about breakbeats!
  • "it takes two to make a thing go right!"
  • So this is the song "Think (About it)" from Lyn Collins
  • K, so this record was released on "People records" in 1972
  • people records is a label owned the godfather of soul, all-father-of-funk, James Brown
  • Worth noting that some of the most sampled most awesome breaks come from musicians working with Mr Brown.
    • Funky Drummer, along with amen and think one of hte most sampled breakbeats in history
    • HotPants
    • Soul Pride (one of my faves)
  • people records is his label to showcase the musicians he has worked with, Lyn Collins a backup singer
  • Not actually related to One of Mr. browsns bassist Bootsy Collins
  • So there is so much to this breakbeat that is amazing. In particular the tambourines, likely handled by James brown, have a very characteristic sound
  • in practically every single aphrodite track EVAR
  • But there are all these calls going on in the background, adding to it's characteristic sound
  • "It takes two to make it out of sight!"
  • Ok, so the whole thing about being a co-learner is that you are both Sage and Novice,
  • listening to and giving the call to adventure.
  • in fact, consider this anoter call to adventure and go check out this video
  • "it takes two to make a thing go right"
  • So if you grew up in the 80's, you'll recognize this from Rob Base and DJ Easy rock
  • But they sampled it, along with another 150 other Hithop artists alone.
  • Let alone the Junglists!
  • Something about this break. Serioous serious grove to it.
  • This song has 5 drumbreaks in it, in a song 3 mins 23 seconds long.
  • Sure, the Amen is special, and I will talk about it, but producer or not, I really encourage you to listen to this break
  • consider how the drums sound and how they compare to how drums "should" sound
  • now listen to how they're used, 2 of my favorites are linked into the doobly doo
  • T-Power octogon
  • SquarePusher come on my selector. Also a hella cool video. Music starts 3 minutes or so into it.
  • "it takes two to make it out of sight"
  • So… hopefully I have opened your mind a little into breakbeats, and why guys like us go nuts over em.
  • If you are an ableton guy, I have provided a Drum rack I call
  • "The mother of all think breaks"
  • Links in the doobly do as usual.
  • I finally redesigned my site, go check it out!
  • Oh, and frogs, rumors of my retirement were unsubstantiated. Glory to the machine mother.