Episode 11 - The line between perfection and good enough

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  • It's time for Macrame, PERFECT macrame
  • The topic of this weeks video was actually chosen last week on a conversation on the facebook page
  • actually, last weeks too, but the preface turned into the topic.
  • Thanks troy!
  • see? conversation.
  • I mentioned this in Video #1. The line between shit and perfect
  • Sometimes that line is a vast gulf
  • Sometimes it is razor thin
  • Usually it is in between
  • But those extremes are challenging
  • line too thin, leads to over-creating the work, overshoot perfection into perfect-shit
  • line too fat, you're going to end up with shitfection.
  • Michaelangelo is purported to have said that rock carving is just cutting away everything that doesn't look like your subject
  • Sooo…… Knowing when to stop is really important.
  • but this analogy carries even further: Cutting things out can be even more important.
  • If you can stop a piece of work, if you can call it finished, it leaves more cognitive room in your brain for new works, better works
  • Again, this is where your love for the work will get in the way. If you are to en-amoured with the individual work, then how can you improve your craft?
  • and I mean that as in Technique. Like you're own personal macreme.
  • it's better to have a multitude of works out there in the world that people can comment on and interact with rather than this thing that one day will become perfect.
  • part of this is if you make a piece that you feel is good, like REALLY good, you want it to be perfect.
  • but just get it out there.
  • Perhaps the most interesting things artists can do is to re-mix their work, so we as fans can see how they have changed, grown and become better artists.
  • I can't wait to re-do this video.
  • Quick note about collaboration
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