Episode 19 - Praise Bunny Jesus!

Wherein Jonnay celebrates the Bunniest of Holies, and shows you the result of our bunny collaboration in Episode 11.

Send me freesound sounds, so we can create the themesong together! You don't need to have made a bunny to join in the fun. http://www.freesound.org

You can still make and send me a bunny: http://www.jonnay.net/bunny

Bunnies in a scale



  • Wait, what? The start of a themesong? That only took 20 odd episodes.
  • Praise be to Eris, for she has birthed Bunny Jesus into the World!
  • And it is upon this day, this very scared of days that a video is made upon the Aprilest of Fools.
  • Corys bunny ran around the circle 8 times, woke everyone else up.
  • AAMs bunny wasn't aged baby, adult or sage. Apparently his bunny suffers from Poly-Age-Dis-morphism.
  • So, with your bunnies help, we have composed a bass-line!
  • I'm gonna compose a whole new song with this,
  • In a scale I call Thee Crossed 5 fingered Hand
  • You can see the shape of it right there
  • I'd love your help! Go a-browsing the soundcloud and see what fun sounds you can come up with.
  • I Have a phone full of found-sound. The Quality ain't so hot, but it's fun!

Bunnies (in order of Scale)

  • Rachel: ((color 0) (age sage) (attributes glasses mouth))
  • aam:((color 0) (age test) (attributes sleepy-zs)
  • JVM: ((color 1) (age sage) (attributes mouth))
  • Cory: (color 3) (age adult) (attributes sleepy-zs))
  • Jody: ((color 5) (age sage) (attributes glasses mouth))
  • Kaustichipchick: ((color 6) (age adult) (attributes sleepy-zs)
  • Vaughnism7:((color 6) (age adult) (attributes mouth))
  • strudl: ((color 6) (age sage) (attributes glasses mouth))
  • junipergal:((color 6) (age sage) (attributes glasses mouth))
  • Uberuser (Smurf Bunnay) ((color 7) (age adult) (attributes glasses mouth))
  • Harmony: ((color 9) (age baby) (attributes mouth sleepy-zs))
  • Mo: ((color 10) (age baby) (attributes glasses sleepy-zs))
  • Justine: ((color 10) (age baby) (attributes mouth sleepy-zs))
  • Traci: ((color 11) (age sage) (attributes glasses mouth))
  • Shell: ((color 11) (age adult) (attributes))


Step 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E
Number 6 0 6 0 6 9 6 3 10 7 10 11 11 5 1
Note Gb C Gb C Gb A Gb Eb Bb G Bb B B F Db
Octave D D   D U     U   U     D D  
Accent A A   A A A     A A A   A A  
Slide S S   S       S S   S   S    

Slow Bunnies

  • Nathalie: ((color 2) (age sage) (attributes glasses sleepy-zs))