Episode 20 - Iteration

Darkness Bunnies, a new track containing the Bunny Bassline is here: https://soundcloud.com/jonnay/darkness-bunnies Theme song is here: https://soundcloud.com/jonnay/bunnies-theme


  • The themesong is finished! But it kinda sucks.
  • As promised I have finished the themesong.
  • In fact, it is already posted on my soundcloud, Link in the doolblee do
  • Iteration
    • An idea that's connected to others (recursion, fractals)
  • when doing a work (song/video/photo/food) imporant to finish it
  • even if it isn't just right, just perfect
  • sometimes you have to cut it off, and say "it's not my best work" and carry it on home
  • Here's looking at you Episode 9
    • Must practice the finish! Different techniques and lessons there!
    • So, sometimes its good to treat a good work as just a finished version 1.0
  • You can come back.
  • Remevmer, if at first you dont succeed, try try again
  • Like i will with the theme song.
  • Like this new song with the bassline.
    • Project.
  • Remember, interation fun

production notes

  • bunny around cup
  • justine