Episode 24 - Obsession Management

CPG Grey This Video Will Make you Angry: https://youtu.be/rE3j_RHkqJc


  • obsessive personality
    • not obsessive personality disorder .. much different.
  • tendency to get involved in something so much
    • it's a good thing I like learning otherwise
    • addicted to heroin
    • crack
    • world of warcraft!
  • practice obsession management
    • tendency to jump into different rabbit holes if differing depths
      • like youtube channels
    • cannot jump down holes willynilly
    • time sinks. srsly.
      • minecraft, binding of Isaac
      • worse ones, I have a smaller one that is just awful
        • every exposure blood boil anger
        • it's a meme/Coumter-meme complex that runs on pure distilled anger.
        • hardest to contend with.
        • replace it with something much more useful.
        • it's like choosing to bike to work or eat cake.
        • "I can contribute to my culture through art, music and trying to make the world awesome, or get really angry about these people who are WRONG ON THE INTERNET"
        • I implore you. take it as an out rage junkie. don't do it.
        • winners don't get outraged, they get outrageous!